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Documents and Files Management system: This is the system that helps your company to manage the documents and files of your customers. So that they can be created, organized, retrieved and stored effectively. This is the central recording system for your company from which you can access various files and documents. A document management system helps to keep the data safe and secure in one place. You can reduce your confusion here as it saves the details of a particular customer only in his block. This makes the work easy and we can easily recognise the documents of a person.

A document management system or process is used to track and store the documents in the form of electronic documents such as PDFs, word processing files and images of those actual documents content. The Document management system will help you to save time and money. As it also provides security to the customer documents, access control over those documents, and will help you to store them precisely.

Importance of Document management

1.Keeps Data Safe and Secure

The Document Management System helps you to keep your documents safe and secure. Because if documents are stored in a paper format they may get damaged by any disaster but if it was stored in this type of document management format it will reduce the risk of damage.

2. Makes accessing documents easy

When we save documents on the phone, laptop or something. It becomes difficult to manage and access the data as we may get confused about the document name and storing all the customer’s documents in such ways will look clumsy.

By using the Documents and Files Management System we need not search for the customer’s files. We can just go to the particular customer details section and click on the view Documents and files section so that a customer document is present only in his block.

3. Reduce the usage of paper:

The document management system will help you to reduce the usage of paper. This will save your money for printing, filing etc. This is also an environmentally friendly method as it reduces paper waste and saves trees.

4. Reduces the Storage & Supply Costs:

The usage of this type of software may cost you but when compared to the paper documents, files and storing them in a place. This type of software looks cost-friendly and can be stored easily.

What can we do in Document management?

In the Document Management System,


we can save the Documents and Files of the customers. These are very important documents. So, to keep them safe and secure is also an important task.


Here We can save the document name and the location of the document. It may be the URL of your Google Drive, Dropbox or any URL. You can also add some notes here that may be related to the customer.


We can edit the details of the documents such as the URLs and the notes at any time.


We can also delete those documents details if not needed. The documents once deleted cannot be restored and will be lost forever.

Free Download Document Management System

A Document Management System is essential for any business to easily access their customer’s documents to easily access them at one place. This can be done quickly and simply by using good software that manages all your customer’s documents.

PHP CRM is the best software that manages all your customer documents and will help to manage your time and money. With PHP CRM’s exciting features, customers feel satisfaction in dealing with your company.

Document Management FAQs

1. Can a Document be stored directly in the PHP document management section?

No, you can only add the URL of that document.

2. Can we restore the document that is deleted?

No, you can’t.

3. Can we add multiple customer document URLs at the same customer block?

Yes, you can.

4. How can we go directly to the document in which it is stored?

By clicking on Click Here behind the respective URL.

5. Is Document Management System essential for any business?

Yes, if you want to access your customer’s documents easily this system is necessary for you.

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