Virtual Classroom PHP Script


Virtual Classroom Software – a platform designed for online teaching and training over the Internet. With the help of virtual classroom PHP script, you can create online courses and tutorials, arrange live online classes, online lectures, online meetings, group live classes, individual one–on–one tutoring sessions.

What is Virtual Classroom PHP Script

Virtual classroom PHP script is an integral part of the learning management system. It is a state-of-the-art live online training classroom that with live video, crystal clear audio, multiple interactive whiteboards, mark up and annotation tools, file and document sharing, screen sharing and many other collaboration tools.

Importance of Virtual Classroom PHP Script

Effective use of visualization, audio, and interactive features are important factors. This Virtual classroom provides students to attend virtual courses like video lectures and can also ask queries while instructor can provide answers for these queries.

Virtual Classroom PHP Script Free Download

A virtual classroom allows learners to comprehend topics on their own terms, on many different devices, anywhere there is internet. Schedule flexibility. The ease of accessibility of an online learning platform gives learners the opportunity to take a break at certain times of the work day to take a class.

Open Source Virtual Classroom PHP Script – Online Virtual Classroom PHP Script

Open source virtual classroom PHP script can be used as a solution for live delivery and interaction that addresses the entire process of creating and managing the teaching-learning process. It facilitates instructor and student in teaching-learning events, such as a seminar, online discussion or a live training for employees in company.

Online virtual Classroom is a simulated classroom via internet, which provides a convenient communication environment for distance learners just like traditional face-to-face classroom. A virtual classroom allows learners to attend a class from anywhere in the world and aims to provide a learning experience that is similar to a real classroom.

Online Virtual Classroom PHP Script – Best Virtual Classroom PHP Script

A virtual classroom allows learners and teachers to attend a single live training session from any place in the world, provided they have a computer and Internet connection. In a virtual classroom learners can talk to the teacher and to each other, and although this communication is not as rich in a traditional classroom, it still can help learners, since it is one to one.

In the best virtual classroom traditional classroom, professor, students and fellow learners are present, similarly, the same set of participants are present in a virtual classroom. They can talk with each other alike the traditional classroom via chat. Similarly presenter uses whiteboard, gives notes/resources, and gives presentation as given in traditional one.

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