E-learning Software For School


E-Learning software for school provide an online education platform to students, and online leaching platform to teachers. It make the teachers day-to-day teaching task very favorable. E-learning software improves relationship and networking among faculty members. All faculty members can send or share group emails, study material, time table and comments among each other.

What is E-learning Software

E-learning software is the system of delivery of online education through digital resources. Although e-learning is based on formalized education, it is provided through electronic devices that are connected to the internet.

E-learning Software in School

E-learning software provide flexibility a student can have while education has made e-learning tool a promising way of comprehending the study materials. It helps to traditional way of online learning and teaching.

E-learning Software For School Download

E-learning Script is the best learning platform for school allows you to create online classes for students. An effective e-learning software is a powerful system that lets you manage your learning and teaching operations online. There may be multiple users accessing our e-learning software at the same time. E-learning software offers an opportunity for teachers and students to collaborate online to make education more engaging and accessible for all.


E-learning Script is the best open source e-learning software for school makes distance education more successful. Our online learning software offers all the tools and resources needed to replicate physical classroom online. It is a powerful learning management system provides a platform through which learning content is delivered and managed.

Online learning system for school or Education Script that lets schools to deliver personalized, effective and engaging education at scale. Our online learning software helps in promoting a quality based learning environment of seamless education and increased administrative capabilities for every types of organizations.


E-learning is the most popular e-learning software for schools designed to help small to large scale of schools to smartly & effectively manage the online education as well as effective learning platform. Our education software is a Fast, easy, affordable online education solutions that enable e-learning quality improving and leadership building. PHP e-learning script for school is an easy-to-use homework and learning management system that embeds education and adaptive tools to improve student requirements. It takes the student closer to reality and induces logical thinking. E-learning Script also provides education software for schools and offers online help and know how to access the online courses.

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