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e Learning Script is a web based software that can be used to create a beautiful Internet School.Start your own online business in few minutes. Hundreds of sites trust “e Learning Script” as their favourite PHP script for online learning.

With “e Learning Script” you can have your “e School” site, Teacher Management, Subject Management, Student Management, and when you’re ready for more functionality, then our team is available to make your site into anything you can imagine.

e Learning Software Key Features

eLearning Script - Adminstrative Panel

e Learning Script / Software has a very good administrative panel from where elearning Software School owner can easily add/edit Teachers, Students and Classes .

eLearning Script - Teacher Panel

Teachers of different subjects and different classes can login and directly communicate to his or her student.

eLearning Script - Student Area

Students have separate login access, they can login and view the lessons provided by the teachers.

eLearning Script - Classes & Subject Module

A teacher can teach more than one class and a student can take more than one class. Students will be redirected to his class after login in his account.


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e Learning Software

The Definition of ‘e Learning’

e Learning is an online learning system based on formalized teaching with the help of electronic resources. The use of computers and the Internet forms are the major components of e Learning. e Learning is the best method to deliver your knowledge and education to many people around the world at the same time. Earlier, e Learning was not considered a good practice, but with time it has proven its worth.

What is e Learning?

e Learning simply means learning by electronic medium. This means learning from electronic mediums instead of learning from books, notes, or from the teacher. The best example of e Learning is learning from online tutorials or training from online classes. The growing technology makes it possible to learn anything at anytime at any place. Nowadays, the use of multimedia such as videos, animations, and various other graphical tools makes e Learning very interesting. A learner can see the lessons on various devices such as TV, computer, and cell phones.

Advantages of e Learning Software

There are various categories structured in e Learning such as mails, discussion, newsletter, etc.. E Learning also involves communion with the teacher and asking his/her help to solve your problem. e Learning is very simple to understand. e Learning takes the education curriculum outside the classrooms. In eLearning one can take an online course or program and also get a degree online.

There are various terms for elearning such as learning via the internet, distance education, computerized learning and many others. In a simple words e Learning is the modern way to learn things with the help of internet. One of the key features of e Learning is that it provides communication between the learner and the teacher. The learner can can clear his doubts with the help of a teacher or other learners. In video lectures, the lectures can be recorded or it can be delivered live to provide student teacher interaction in real time. The teachers can also give the assignment online and the students can also submit the assignment online. Online learning also includes online exams to test the student’s learning skills. e Learning can become a way of life for people in areas where there are no teaching institutes or the places where education is costly.

The Benefits of e Learning Software :

e Learning is very flexible. One can easily fix his schedule or change his schedule unlike other modes of learning where one has to stick to the same timings which has been set up by the institution or organization. In e Learning one can decide his/her own learning timings, the amount of learning, type of learning and breaks between the learning. In e Learning one can choose his own teacher, subject, lecture, and also the topics on which he wants to focus.

e Learning is very mobile. It can be done on various devices such as laptops, tablets, cell phones. e Learning can be done on a bus, on a train, or any other place. There is no need of classroom or any kind of space for e Learning, the whole internet can be your classroom.

The e Learning courses are tailored for you. Here you are not limited by the majority. If you think you know a lesson then there is no need to waste your time in that lesson, you can simply skip that lesson and move on to the other. You can repeat the lesson if you want and can move with your own pace.

e Learning can be done from anywhere, the learner doesn’t have to travel long distances to learn. e Learning saves time as there is no need to travel, and one can simply use the time to learn which would have been a waste due to a travel.

The cost of e Learning is very less compared to coaching or training instutes. There are no expenses on traveling and accomodation (if you stay away from your house to study). Many big software companies or organization uses online training to train their employees as they are considered to be cheap and effective.

e Learning is a global process. One can take lectures from teachers or institues from anywhere in the world, regardless of their location and nationality. learning is the best possible way to provide the same training and explain the same methodology to the staff of a particular organization.

e Learning is becoming popular day by day and growing very rapidly around the world. Every day new methods of e Learning are being introduced on the internet. Nowadays different apps on mobile phones are increasing the interaction between learners and engaging them in learning new things. The scope of e Learning is limitless.

eLearning Script - Quick Contact

    Educational online Tuition Classes Software

    Understanding online tuition software is very easy. online tuition script is a method of learning through an electronic medium. It is the best alternative to the traditional classroom. It consists of online courses, programs and degrees which can be delivered online.

    online educational software has proved very successfull the for companies which want to train professionals across the globe under one roof through the means of online tuition classes. Schools have also started the use online education software / script as a modern approach towards learning. online school education software consists of a many technologies related to the online transfer of over computer networks to various groups of learners.

    Advantages Of online education software / script:

    • You can get the various educational resources in many formats.
    • It is a very efficient way of learning.
    • e Learning is flexibility, the learner can learn from anywhere and at any time.
    • Anyone, can take advantage of web-based online teacher student software.
    • Web-based e Learning provides independent learning.
    • There are no limitations of time and place in e Learning.
    • E Learning is a very convenient method, you don’t have to depend on anyone for anything.
    • You can make your own rules in e Learning and change them easily.
    • You are able to interact with anyone online and clear your doubts from the teacher if any through discussion boards and chats.
    • The video instructions that are provided for e Learning can be repeated again in case you don’t get it in the first time.

    Disadvantages Of online education software / script:

    • Most of the online educational student assignments are only objective questions.
    • There are security issues with e Learning programs.
    •  The authenticity of a particular person or user is not guaranteed.
    • The assessments that are checked by the computer a not practically based.


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