Employee Profile Management

Employee profile refers to the details of all the associated documents and information related to the employee.

Employee profile + Management = Employee Profile Management.

So , in simple words it means managing the profile of the employee properly. Employee profile means contains all the necessary information associated with the employees of the company that information includes details related to their employment , personal identity , payment information ,bank account , etc.

Employee profile management

Employee profile management refers to centralization of all information associated with employees with in a single cloud or a single system. With it is possible to employee to update their profile by their own.
For properly performing functions. It is important to maintain record of all necessary information that is associated with employees of the company. It is internal function that is done by human resource department of the company.

Types of documents collected by hr and that remain in human resource department :

1) Personal information – for checking the personal information of the employee hr manger can ask him about her/his id proof . for id proof aadhaar card is valid .
2) For keeping his bank details – for knowing the bank details they keep the copy of pen card or only pen card no.
3) On boarding and recruitment paper – It is necessary for hiring manager to clearly and accurately define the rules and term and conditions of employment. For this it is necessary to maintain following documents :-

  • Job application form – it contain all the necessary details about the employee.
  • Job description – it contain all the necessary information about the qualification and skills required for particular position .
  • Offer letter – it contain details about employee job, salary , bonus , work hours, working shift etc.
  • 1-9 form – it ensure that employee or candidate is legally eligible for work in US.
  • W- 4 form – it help in determining tax.

4) Payroll documents – Every organization has this important document . this is a document which keep the details about the employee attendance and their pay . It also include the offer letter , employee personal details , time of working.
Every region have their own payroll document laws so every organization require to check these laws according to their local region.
5) Employee handbook – It help the employee to understand the company policies and working environment . In it company mission , goal , working environment rules, working term and condition , working procedure is clearly mentioned . It also contain the details about promotion procedure.
6) Experience letter and reliving letter – it contain the details about employee nature in previous company where he/ she working previously.
7) Training document – All organization required to maintain the details related to the training for audit . So, under it data related to training like when to conduct training, in which area we conduct training , training budget, assignment to training etc are need to be recorded in it.
8) Performance paper – every organization need to review performance time to time . So, we need to maintain the result of every performance review and the step that we can take according to the performance of the employee are recorded in it. If we can find that one employee are working good than we issue the performance appraisal letter to them and against if there is vice versa than we issues the warning letter to the employee against their performance.
9) Employee exit document – If any employee can want to quite your company to it is necessary to issue them the permission of resignation and if we want to terminate employee according to their behavior than we need to issue the termination letter. on their last day of working we conduct the exit interview for that candidate in which we ask them to fill the questioner in which that candidate share their experience with the company.

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