PHP Invoices

An invoice is a commercial document delivered by the merchant (or service provider) to the recipient detailing the transaction. You should have detailed information about products, quantity, amount, discount, taxes, shipping, payment terms and more.

PHP Invoice is a simple object-oriented PHP class for creating beautifully designed invoices, quotes or purchase orders with just a few lines of code. Mark your own logo and theme colors, add unlimited elements and total auto-flip lines. Output PDF in user’s browser, save to server or force file upload. PHP accounts are fully customizable and can be integrated into any popular CRM.

These scripts come with customizable templates to help you create professional invoices. In addition, they have built-in tax deductions and reports, as well as multiple payment processing options that make it easier to receive payments from customers. The PHP payment system can be hosted on the Internet or hosted on your server. You can add customers using a simple customer management system, create your own invoices, and manage and track your income with detailed reports.

Billing or payment management systems are very popular as most transactions are now done online. Now all sellers and buyers need a payment system to process online payments.

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