Pantry Inventory Software

Pantry inventory management is your system for tracking what stock comes into your restaurant, what inventory leaves your restaurant, and what’s leftover. A good food inventory management system is also the most useful tool for gaining insight into the ways you may be losing money.

Food inventory tracking is both a loss prevention tool and a measure of profitability for your restaurant. Pantry inventory management is a way of tracking what and how much inventory your restaurant is carrying at all times. Equipped with that information, restaurants can improve their inventory purchasing (i.e.; not buying too much or too little), minimize inventory lost due to theft, spoilage, or waste, and maximize profitability.

A pantry inventory management system (or inventory system) is the process by which you track your goods throughout your entire supply chain, from purchasing to production to end sales.

Adopting a food inventory management system can help you maintain your profit margins. Along with labor costs, replenishing your inventory is the most significant expense your business faces. By implementing a stock control system, you can reduce how much food your business wastes. Food waste is a massive problem throughout the United States with an estimated 30-40 percent of the supply ending up in the trash.

Pantry inventory software refers to the amount of inventory a restaurant is carrying in-house. When tracking sitting inventory, be sure to choose one unit of measure and stick to it.

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